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About the Green Hydrogen Alliance

The Green Hydrogen Alliance is an independent business group representing some of the leading companies involved in the supply and use of green hydrogen technologies.


Its members are drawn from across the hydrogen supply chain, incorporating cross-industry perspectives such as supply, transport and industrial decarbonisation.


Member Organisations


Advisory Council


Our Purpose

The purpose of the Green Hydrogen Alliance is to offer a collective industry voice that promotes the significant potential of green hydrogen to deliver economic, decarbonisation and energy security benefits across the UK. 

The Alliance aims to ensure that the UK remains globally competitive in the development and deployment of one of the most exciting and cutting-edge green technologies.

What is Green Hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is produced through a process of electrolysis, powered entirely by renewable energies. Electrolysis involves using an electrical current to break down water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen. The only by-product of this process is water, making the process entirely carbon neutral.


Green hydrogen can play a key role in the UK’s transition to Net Zero, showing considerable promise in sectors such as heavy industry or transport, that are harder to abate through electrification or other technologies. 


Green hydrogen can also serve as an energy storage system thanks to its large volume and long storage life, similar to the way in which we now use natural gas reserves. It therefore has significant potential to aid the UK’s energy security, creating reserves of renewable energy to support the electricity grid.

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